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I am an ICF certified Life Coaching Professional since 2020. I specialize in helping people identify and achieve their personal and professional goals by coping with the issues that are causing them emotional stress,distress, anxiety & self fallout.
I believe my success lies in transformation of my clients and look forward to helping you. Get in touch to learn more.


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Partnering Positivity / Testimonial

"After completing a life coaching session with Dr Lakshmi, I felt much more confident than I did before. Her listening skills and ability to help find answers without giving them away directly to the patient were exceptional. After seeing her, everday mundane things that used to cause me stress, suddenly didnt. I was taught to take things as they come and not to stress over things out of my control- rather to break then down logically and tackle them. Order and structure was another major issue I was facing in my life. Dr Lakshmi also helped me manage this. Since, my life has been a lot easier and stress free. It was a great session and I look forward to going back again"
Fawzia Nadhar
What do you think? : I heard about Dr Lakshmi from a friend, who recommend her as a life coach. I got in touch with Dr Lakshmi almost 5 months ago and we’ve had regular sessions since then. In my opinion Dr Lakshmi is an amazing life coach, very effective and truly dedicated to helping others to reach their full potential. With Dr Lakshmi, you feel like having a supportive friend by your side, who will guide you through the challenging situations in your life and will believe and encourage in you every step of the way. At the same time she makes you accountable for the shared agreements and with her, you know you are in the right path to improve and transform your life. She will help you find out what is really holding you back in life and will challenge those beliefs. I highly recommend Dr Lakshmi if you want to create a better life for yourself!-
Dorota Larronde
I had my first session with Dr. Lakshmi in November and it was life changing to say the least. I was going through a bad phase at that time and I needed help to get through it which she provided. Since then I’ve been having regular sessions with her. Dr Lakshmi has this ability where she listens to your problems/issues and guides you towards the answer to those problems meaning to say she doesn’t give it to you straight away but rather makes you realize the solution yourself which I think is amazing! Sessions with you were really helpful, they helped in understand various concepts aided by your unique style of passing accountability to me. So I would say yes, you have been a transformer in my life.
Syed Zain
I met Dr. Lakhsmi during a very difficult time in my life and expected that she would advise me directions to make my life happy. She instead taught me how to choose my own directions and grow as a person for unlimited happiness. I discovered my weaknesses and the need to set goals, achieve them and celebrate. The life coaching sessions that I have taken with Dr. Lakshmi helped me to create a lifestyle that I couldn't have achieved by myself. I have gone back to working out, studying, making new friends and strengthening relationships with my family. I have gained a lot more than I expected from life coaching. This is just the start of the new me.
Anis Yunus

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